Bathroom Vastu: These things kept in the bathroom bring bad luck, Vastu Dosh will increase..


In Vastu Shastra, some rules are given for everything related to the house. Be it the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. This scripture also tells where things should be kept in the bathroom. According to this scripture, keeping some things here brings poverty and Vaastu defects in the house. Vastu defects also affect the members living in the house and their business. According to beliefs, this is a place in the house where negative energy is more. So, here are some things to keep in mind. So let us tell you the Vastu rules related to this...


Shouldn't there be a bathroom here?
The bathroom should never be built in the northeast or north direction. Building a bathroom in both these directions leads to loss of money and increases negative energy in the house.

Do not keep copper
Apart from this, no copper item should be kept here because copper is considered a pure metal. It is used in the worship of Gods and Goddesses. Therefore, anything made from it should not be kept here even by mistake.

Such taps
According to Vastu Shastra, even a little water dripping from the bathroom tap is considered very inauspicious. Dripping water from such taps leads to loss of money in the house and expenses start increasing in the house.

Do not plant trees
Plants should never be kept here. Keeping plants in the bathroom spoils them quickly, which increases Vaastu defects in the house.

Broken slippers
Keeping broken slippers in the bathroom is also considered inauspicious. Broken slippers bring negative energy into the house and keeping them here increases negativity.


Broken glass
According to Vastu Shastra, keeping even a broken mirror in the bathroom is not considered auspicious. This brings poverty in the house and members may have to face financial crisis.

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