In this changing season, feed these five things to children, they will not fall ill


The season is changing and we have to take special care of our children. In such a situation, there are some things which if fed to children will keep them healthy. Let's know those five things...

Remember, along with feeding these things, give plenty of water to children. Keep them clean and make them develop the habit of washing hands. By doing this, your children will remain healthy and happy even in this changing season.

Curd: Curd contains good bacteria. These keep the stomach of children healthy. Feed a bowl of curd every day.


Turmeric milk: Turmeric has the power to fight diseases. Mix some turmeric in hot milk and give it to them before sleeping at night. It is very beneficial in changing seasons and does not let you fall ill.

Ginger-honey: Ginger cures cough. Give honey mixed in it. It will cure the cold and flu of children. Because in changing seasons, children often get cough and cold.

Seasonal fruits: The fruits that are available in this season, must be fed to children. These contain vitamins that fight diseases.


Soup: Make vegetable soup and feed it to children. This hot soup will give strength to children and protect them from diseases.

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