Important thing: These five signs indicate that your phone is about to explode, do not ignore them..


Reports of smartphones catching fire and exploding come in every season, but their number increases in the summer season. It is not that only one brand of phone catches fire. Almost all brands of phones can catch fire and the phone can explode like a bomb. Smartphones have to be taken special care of in summer. Here a big question is how to know whether the phone is going to explode or catch fire. Let's know 5 reasons.


Battery swelling
If you feel that the battery of your phone has swollen or there is a bulge on the back panel of the phone, then be careful. In such a situation, the chances of the battery exploding are very high.

The phone getting too hot
If your phone is getting hot again and again, then immediately take it to the service center. It has come to light in many reports that smartphones get hot before exploding or the smartphones that get hot are more likely to explode.

Do not charge the phone in a hot place
Always charge the phone at a low temperature, because the phone gets a little hot during charging. Never charge the phone by placing it on the fridge. Therefore, keep the phone at room temperature while charging.

Show it to a mechanic if it falls into water
Many times, for some reason, the phone falls into water, and then we become mechanics and start repairing it, which is wrong. After falling into the water, many problems can occur with the phone. Even the battery can have a short circuit. Avoid repairing the phone at home.


Protect the phone from falling repeatedly
Falling the phone repeatedly also damages the battery and after that, it can catch fire. In such a situation, take care of your phone and protect it from falling.

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