Importance of Ram Naam: Why write Ram's name on paper, this color of ink should be used, these are the rules...


Importance of Ram Naam: In Hinduism, Lord Ram is called Maryada Purushottam. Lord Rama is considered to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Every year the birthday of Shriram is celebrated with pomp in the whole of India as Ramnavami. In the year 2023, the festival of Ram Navami is being celebrated on Thursday, March 30. It is a belief in Hinduism that by taking the name of Ram, all kinds of problems of the devotees end. Sometimes such fruits are also obtained by chanting the name of Ram. Which could never have been imagined. Although one can get grace by taking and writing the name of Ram anytime, doing this on Ram Navami can give special results. Devotees should worship him by writing his name at least 108 times on Ram Navami. Delhi resident Astrologer Acharya Pandit Alok Pandya is giving more information on this subject.


Each letter has amazing glory
According to Hindu religious scriptures, there is nothing greater than the name of Ram in the world. There is happiness in every letter of Ram. By pronouncing "R" all our sins come out and by pronouncing "M" the doors of the mind are closed. So that sin cannot enter the mind again. It is said that in this Kalyug all wishes can be fulfilled only by the name of Ram.

Red ink very dear to the lord
It has been told in Anand Ramayana that writing the name of Ram gives 100 times more virtue than chanting the name of Ram. It is believed that even Hanuman ji is pleased by writing the name of Shri Ram with red-colored ink. This reduces the wrath of inauspicious planets like Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. By writing the name of Ram, the mind becomes concentrated and the memory power increases.


Scientists also believed
Sound science believes that the sound of the word Ram has the ability to remove all sorrows from life. According to sound scientists, the mind becomes calm by pronouncing the name Ram. This brings happiness, prosperity and peace in the house. Along with this, the communication of positive energy increases in life.

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