Ice Facial: What is ice facial which actresses tell the secret of their beauty, know its benefits..


Ice Facial: We try many remedies to make our face beautiful. How many types of skin care products are used? We spend hours preparing homemade face packs so that the face gets a natural glow. But do you know that by using an ice facial, you can bring a glow to your face without spending so much energy and money?


Nowadays it is quite popular. It has many benefits, due to which many actresses and beauty influencers are often seen trying it on themselves. Know what is ice facial is, how to do it, and what can be its benefits.

What is an ice facial?
Immersing the face in ice for some time is called an ice facial. Put ice in water in a big ball and dip your face in it and after 20-30 seconds the face is taken out. If you do not want to dip your face in water, you can wrap 2-3 ice cubes in cotton cloth and apply it on your face. It is very easy and no chemical is used in it. Another option is ice roller, which is easily available on e-commerce sites.

What things to keep in mind
Do not keep ice on the face for more than 30 seconds, this may cause ice burn.
Wash face thoroughly before icing
Use a clean cloth to wipe the face
Always use a clean container or tray to freeze ice.
Those with sensitive skin should avoid doing this

What could be the benefits?
Helps in looking fresh by reducing swelling/puffiness near the eyes.
Due to this, the pores of the face shrink, which makes it easier to apply makeup. However, this effect lasts only for a short period
Helps in increase blood circulation of the face, which brings a natural glow.

Reduces acne inflammation.
Reduces the effects of aging.
Provides relief from sunburn.
Reduces facial oil and controls it.
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