How to recover suspended Insta account: Urfi Javed's Instagram account is suspended, See how to recover the Insta Account

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Like Urfi Javed, your Instagram also gets suspended, recover it like this

The Instagram account of Urfi Javed, popular on Instagram, has been suspended. Like Urfi, your Instagram can also be suspended. Know here due to which mistakes your account gets suspended. If your account gets suspended then recover it like this.

Urfi Javed, who became popular on Instagram for her dressing sense, has once again attracted people's attention. But this time it is not her different kind of dress or any statement but her Instagram account itself. Urfi Javed's Instagram account has been suspended, and Urfi herself has shared this information on social media. The screenshot of Urfi's Instagram being suspended is going viral. In such a situation, today we will tell you how you can recover your Instagram account if it gets suspended.

Urfi's Instagram account recovered

Urfi herself has shared the screenshot of the Instagram message on her story. According to this screenshot, his account has been suspended. However, now Urfi's Instagram account is being shown. That means the actress has recovered her account. 

Know here when and why Meta suspends its Instagram account? How can you recover it?

Urfi Javed Instagram Account Status

Why is the account suspended

According to the privacy policy of Instagram, if you share any content on Instagram that is against the community guidelines, then your Instagram may be suspended. If you feel that your account has been suspended in error, you can appeal to have the decision reviewed by going to the app. See the process below.

How to recover a suspended account

If your Instagram is deleted, you cannot restore it. To reactivate an account, simply login to your account. After this, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of Instagram.

To recover a suspended account, you will have to fill out Instagram's appeal form so that you can send a request for Instagram access.

In this form, you will have to fill in your username and other required account details. After this, the Instagram support team will review your request form and reply.

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