How To Prevent from Gas: If you also have gas problem by eating cauliflower, then include it in your diet like this...


How To Prevent from Gas: Cabbage is one of the favorite vegetables of most people. Apart from vegetables, it is also used for taste and texture in many other dishes like Pulao, and Manchurian. Another good thing about this vegetable is that it does not take much time to prepare. You can use it for anything from breakfast to lunch or dinner.


But you must have seen that many people complain of gas after eating cabbage. Even though cabbage is full of nutrients like fiber, folate, and vitamin K, which are very beneficial for our health, consuming it in large quantities is not good. Because cabbage is included in the list of cruciferous vegetables, its digestion takes a little longer than other vegetables and even more if it is eaten in raw form. Due to this, there may be a gas problem.

Eat cauliflower like this to avoid gas problem
Eat at lunch instead of dinner

If you want to eat cauliflower vegetables or any other dish, it would be better to prepare it during the day instead of at night. This is because metabolism works better in the afternoon. Besides, we also do many activities throughout the day, due to which there is not much difficulty in digestion. At the same time, our metabolism starts slowing down at night due to which more gas is produced after eating it.

Cook and eat well
The crunchy texture of some vegetables tastes better, but adding cauliflower to it can become a problem for you. Eating raw or lightly cooked cabbage can cause digestive problems. Therefore, always eat it after cooking it thoroughly.


Use ginger and cloves
While making a cauliflower dish, include some things in it that are helpful in digesting the food, like ginger and cloves. Even a small quantity of these is enough to enhance taste and keep digestion healthy.

Asafoetida is helpful
Asafoetida has been used to get relief from gas problems not just today but for a long time, so it would be better if you use asafoetida while making cabbage dishes. Apart from gas, it also relieves the problem of stomach ache and indigestion.
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