How does Blood pressure play an important role in our Good health and how to monitor and control it.

Blood pressure plays an important role in our Good health 
Blood Pressure is an important factor in good health

There is one biggest shortcoming in Indians and that is that they are never serious about any of their diseases. Hypertension meaning high blood pressure is one of those diseases. People do not take BP seriously because they do not have complete information. Second, its symptoms are not recognized in the beginning. Because of this, patients are not able to get treatment on time. Hypertension is not called the silent killer for no reason. There is no cure, there is management, and if you miss this management, then gradually it starts spoiling other vital organs of the body. Due to this, there is a risk of serious and fatal problems like brain stroke, brain hemorrhage, kidney failure, or heart attack.

Blood pressure should be normal

  • A blood pressure of less than 120/80 mm Hg is considered normal. While going over 130 is not serious. But 140/90 is considered as a condition of hypertension. Once this problem occurs, it is there to stay for life. Many people do not take regular medicines because there are all kinds of misconceptions. Such people should understand that it is necessary to control and manage it. Do some exercise every day, try to be stress-free, avoid tobacco and alcohol, try to reduce obesity, avoid junk food, avoid cold drinks, and avoid excessive intake of salt and sugar.

Older people are more affected

  • The problem of old people is even more because it is not easily controlled in them and gradually they start moving towards heart and kidney diseases. On the other hand, due to bad lifestyles and pollution, etc., hypertension and then heart diseases are increasing among the youth. Because of this, the mortality rate is also increasing. That's why it is important that once you have a problem with blood pressure, stay under a doctor's supervision, keep monitoring blood pressure regularly at home, and keep its management right. Do not stop the medicines so that it does not go out of control and affect other parts of the body.

High blood pressure is a silent killer

  • High BP in a way acts like a silent killer in the body. This is a medical condition in which the blood pressure in the veins increases significantly. Due to this liver, kidney, brain, and heart are affected badly. Apart from this, the eyes can also become a victim of any problem due to high BP.

Symptoms of hypertension

  • It is very easy to diagnose hypertension. If you have a headache, dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, trouble sleeping, rapid heart rate, or sudden onset of mild chest pain or shortness of breath If you start having trouble then you should understand that your blood pressure is not right. Due to not having the right blood pressure, sometimes the eyes start to appear blurred. At that time people start rubbing their eyes or close their eyes for some time.

Side effects of hypertension

  • Its direct attack is on your heart. Your heart has to work harder to pump blood through your narrowing atria. Due to this, the heart starts getting weak. The muscles associated with the heart begin to weaken. Due to high blood pressure for a long time, the heartbeat starts becoming abnormal, due to which there is a possibility of heart failure, attack, or any other heart disease.
  • The risk of stroke increases with the persistence of hypertension. Due to improper functioning of the blood flow, there is damage to the nerves leading to the brain, which results in a stroke.

Effects on kidney

  • Apart from this, the kidney is also affected due to the increased blood flow. Persistently higher than normal blood flow (blood pressure) damages the nerves of the kidneys. Because of this the filtering capacity of the kidney decreases and there is a possibility of kidney failure.

To end with the best way to regulate your Blood Pressure is daily exercise of mind(meditation), and Body(walk, yoga, exercise) along with healthy eating habits ingrained in your lifestyle.

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