House Rent Rules: If the tenant is not paying the rent then do not argue, do this work..


Disputes between landlord and tenant are nothing new. Generally, there are more cases of tenants not paying house rent on time. If your tenant is also refusing to pay you rent, then there are many ways to collect rent from him. In such a situation, one should not fight at all, rather one should adopt the path of getting one's due money by using the available legal options. You have many ways to get the rent paid from the tenant.


The rent agreement between the landlord and the tenant is very useful in collecting rent from the tenant. This document itself includes the rental amount, due date, and consequences of non-payment. This document is the basis for any legal action taken by the landlord.

Usually, every landlord deposits some money from the tenant as security. This amount itself helps in recovering money in case of non-payment of rent. Security deposits provide financial protection to landlords against non-payment of rent or damage caused to the property by tenants during the tenancy. If the tenant refuses to pay the rent, tell him that you will deduct the rent from the security amount deposited by him.

Give legal notice first-
If the tenant does not pay the rent on the due date, you can also send a legal notice to recover the rent. The notice should include details of unpaid rent, the deadline for payment, and the consequences of non-compliance. Make sure that the notice conforms to all the legal terms stated under the Indian Contract Act 1872.

File a case in court-
If the tenant does not pay the rent even after giving legal notice, you can file a case in court. Initially, you will have to file the case in the lower court only. If you are entitled to receive rent and you have fulfilled all the conditions of the contract, then the court will give a verdict in your favor.


Eviction proceedings-
If the tenant consistently fails to pay rent, you can also initiate eviction proceedings. Eviction laws in India vary from state to state. Before filing an eviction case to evict a tenant from your property, consult a good lawyer.

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