House buying rule: While buying a house, definitely check these things, the builder will not be able to cheat..


Buying a house is one of the biggest accomplishments in a person's life because it involves a lot of money. Many people buy a house with their savings while others take the help of bank loans to fulfill their dream of buying a house. Most people depend on the reputation of the builder to buy a house. But this is a misconception as perfect paperwork should be the only criteria for buying a new house. Therefore, while buying any house, you should be very careful and check whether the builder has done all the necessary paperwork or not.


Apart from this, it is also important to check the credibility of the builder by visiting various forums. You can check out his or her past or present projects or even ask your online community to learn more about a builder. In this article, we have told about some precautions that you should take while buying a house.

Title deeds
It is most important to check the title deeds of the land on which the asset, project, or house is situated. Through this deed, consumers or investors will clearly know whether the builder owns the property he is selling or not. Does he have the right to sell that property or transfer its ownership or not? Through this deed, it will also be known whether any lawsuit is pending on the concerned property or not. Take the help of a lawyer to get the title deed verified.

Notice of rejection
It is a kind of permission or clearance and 'No Objection Certificate' that the builder has to obtain from various bodies during different stages of construction. For example, PWD, Forest Department, Environment Department, Traffic and Coordination Department, etc. Additionally, you should also insist on seeing the commencement certificate. This certificate allows the builder to start the actual construction work in a legal manner. According to experts, construction work done without a commencement certificate is considered illegal.

Handicap certificate
You wouldn't want to invest in a property that is subject to any litigation or has any legal or monetary liabilities? Brokers and builders would like to hide this truth from actual consumers or investors. But you should exercise extreme caution and insist on seeing the encumbrance certificate to confirm that the property in question is free from any legal disputes. It is not advisable to invest in a property that is subject to any litigation or related to any other issue that may lead to many other problems in the future.

Layout plan
News of real estate scams have become common in the market, hence consumers should exercise utmost caution while purchasing a new house and check all the documents before purchasing it. You must ensure that important documents like layout plans are approved by the concerned authorities as it has also been seen that builders deviate from the approved plans which leads to many problems later on. Therefore, insist on checking the acquisition certificate as it makes it clear that the developer has constructed the project based on approved permissions.


Purchase agreement
After completing all the above procedures, also check that all the promises made to you are written in your purchase agreement. It should contain all the details like construction, payment, apartment specifications, deadline, and penalty if either party reneges on its promise etc. Remember that it is only on the basis of this purchase agreement that you can hold the builder responsible if he does not provide infrastructure as per his promise or does something wrong.

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