Home Tips: Tired of wearing out brass utensils, try these tips and all utensils will shine


Kitchen Tips: Brass utensils look beautiful and royal. However, cleaning them is quite a hassle.
Glass and steel utensils are used in almost every household. Women also use copper utensils to improve the quality of water, but when a royal look has to be shown, brass utensils are used. Their shine and beauty have a different effect on the guests. However, cleaning brass utensils requires a little effort. They cannot be cleaned with just water. Let us tell you such tips, with which brass utensils will also shine.
Lemon-salt pair shows wonders
Lemon and salt are not only used to bring glow on the skin. Even if you want to shine brass utensils, lemon and salt are very useful. Actually, lemon has acidic power, which removes the dirt and blackness accumulated on brass in a jiffy. For this, you have to take half a cut lemon and apply salt on it. After this, gently rub the lemon on the brass utensils for a while and wash it with water. This will make the brass utensils shine.

Vinegar and flour paste is also useful
Vinegar and flour paste can also be used to shine brass utensils, which is made very easily. Actually, the acidic power of vinegar becomes normal after mixing with flour. For this, you have to make a smooth paste by mixing vinegar and flour in equal amounts. Now apply this paste on the brass utensils and leave them for about 15-20 minutes. After this, wash the utensils with hot water. You will see that all the utensils will look like new.

Lemon and baking soda pair is very useful
If there are a lot of stains on brass utensils, then you can clean them very easily. For this, take baking soda and lemon juice in equal amounts and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the stains on the utensils for about 30 minutes. If you wash the utensils with lukewarm water, all the stains will disappear.

Tomato ketchup also helps

Tomato ketchup is not just used for eating fries and burgers. It can also be used to polish brass utensils. You have to take a little ketchup on a clean cloth or sponge and polish the brass utensils with it. The acidic power of tomato ketchup will remove the stains on the utensils in a jiffy.

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