Home Remedies: Pain in legs occurs due to continuous sitting or standing, get rid of it by adopting these home remedies...


Feet creates balance in the body. Feet is the first body part in which you feel pain due to fatigue. As your body gets tired, the pain in your legs increases. Many times, due to being too tired, our legs hurt so much that we are not able to even sleep properly. Feet are a very important part of the body. These work for walking, carrying the entire weight of the body, and maintaining the balance of the entire body. There are 26 bones, 114 ligaments, and 21 types of muscles in the feet, due to which the structure of the feet is made in such a way that even if we walk throughout our life, there can be no problems, but due to carelessness towards the feet, many problems can occur in the feet. Various types of problems may arise, one of which is leg fatigue. In such a situation, if you take some measures that can give you relief from leg pain, then you should adopt them.


Cold water bottle
Tiredness in the legs occurs due to iron deficiency in the body. You can use cold water to get relief from fatigue and pain in your legs. For this, place a cold water bottle under your feet and move it back and forth. This provides relief to the soles of your feet. If there is a burning sensation in your feet, it also reduces.

Soak your feet by adding salt in hot water.
If you have a lot of pain in your feet due to fatigue, then you can add salt to warm water and soak your feet in it. This gives relief to the muscles of your legs. It provides relief from tiredness in the muscles of your legs.

Ice pack
If you are experiencing swelling along with pain in your feet, then keep ice cubes in a towel or cotton cloth and apply it on the swollen area. This reduces the swelling in your feet.

Massage improves blood circulation in your body. With this, all the veins of our body open up, which gives relief to our muscles. You can use mustard or olive oil for foot massage.

Turmeric milk
Turmeric milk is beneficial in relieving tiredness in the legs. Turmeric milk has many medicinal benefits which are mentioned in Ayurveda. Turmeric reduces pain and drinking milk also provides energy.

During summer, there is a problem of burning sensation and pain due to tiredness of the feet, for this apply henna on the feet. Due to henna, the feet will get coolness and also comfort.


Select the right footwear
If you regularly experience tiredness and pain in your feet, it may also be due to your footwear. Wearing any footwear for a longer period of time has a negative impact on the health of the feet. If you wear high heel sandals or your shoes are made without proper arch and support, your entire foot can be damaged.
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