Hindi Diwas 2023: Why 'Hindi Diwas' is celebrated every year on 14th September, know how this language got its name...


Hindi Diwas 2023: Hindi is the most spoken language in India. People use it in many states of the country. Hindi is also used most for common conversation. Whereas, if we talk about the world, Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish, and English. In such a situation, Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 14 September with the aim of spreading the importance of Hindi to the people and promoting it.


Today on this special occasion, we will know why the date of 14th September was fixed to celebrate Hindi Diwas. We will also try to know why Hindi was named “Hindi”?

Why is Hindi Diwas celebrated only on 14th September?
There is not one but two reasons to celebrate Hindi Diwas on 14th September. Actually, this is the same day when in the year 1949, after a long discussion, Hindi in Devanagari script was declared the official language of the country. For this, the date of the 14th was chosen by the country's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru himself. At the same time, there is another special reason behind celebrating this day, and it is related to a famous Hindi poet.

When was Hindi Day celebrated for the first time?
Celebrating this day was first started in the year 1953 at the suggestion of Rashtriyabhasha Prachar Samiti. The reason behind celebrating this day was to increase the importance of Hindi, but this day also marks the birth anniversary of the great Hindi poet Rajendra Singh. Apart from being an Indian scholar, Hindi-eminent, culturalist, and historian, he played an important role in making Hindi the official language.

How did Hindi get its name “Hindi”?
You all know about the history of Hindi Day, but do you know how the Hindi language got its name Hindi? If not, then let us tell you about this also. Perhaps you also know that the name Hindi itself has been taken from some other language. The Hindi name, derived from the Persian word ‘Hind’, means land of the Indus River. At the beginning of the 11th century, Persian-speaking people named the language is spoken on the banks of the Indus River 'Hindi'.


Hindi is spoken not only in India but also in these countries
As mentioned above, Hindi is not only the most spoken language in India, it is the fourth most spoken language across the world. Apart from India, there are many other countries where people use the Hindi language. These countries include Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji, Pakistan, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, and Bangladesh.

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