Herbal Bath Powder: Say bye to chemical-based soap in summer and adopt this herbal bath powder..


Herbal Bath Powder: Summer has started and at this time, along with the face, the whole body needs extra care. What do we do to keep the face soft and glowy? But for the body, we use the same old soap, due to which the skin of the body including hands and feet starts looking tired.


If this problem comes to you too and you are wondering what to do to get relief from it, then do not worry, because we have come up with such a solution for you, which will make your skin feel fresh and relaxed. For this, first of all, you have to say goodbye to soaps made using chemicals and adopt herbal powder made from Ayurvedic ingredients. Don't worry you can prepare it at home by yourself. So let us know how to prepare a herbal bathing powder to get healthy skin at home.

Ingredients for preparing herbal bath powder
sandalwood powder
Tulsi Powder
neem powder
licorice powder
turmeric powder
rose petal powder
Rose water

What is the method of preparation of herbal bath powder?
Mix all the ingredients well.

Prepare in such quantity that it can be used for a few weeks.

Make a smooth paste by mixing 2 to 3 teaspoons of powder with rose water before taking a bath.

Apply the paste all over your body and gently massage the skin. Finally, wash with water.

You can use it daily just like soap. This will make the skin look young and beautiful for a long time.

How does herbal bath powder work?
The cooling properties of sandalwood and the soothing effect of rose, along with the antibacterial properties of neem, turmeric, and tulsi, are quite beneficial for the skin during summer. This powder is also helpful in protecting from sun tanning and sun damage. This homemade herbal bath powder gives a cooling effect to the skin. Also, it is effective in dealing with heat rashes. Unlike chemical-based soaps which only give a cooling effect on the outside, this bath powder helps you to stay cool and calm from the inside. The benefits of sandalwood, tulsi, neem, and rose present in it will help in keeping the skin calm.


Why is soap harmful to the skin?
Not all soaps are toxic, but many soaps and body wash available in the market use chemicals that can cause skin problems due to prolonged use. Even herbal soaps can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. Apart from this, using chemical-based soaps on the body during summer can increase the risk of heat rash and infection. These soaps react with sweat and promote germs.
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