Heart Health: Heart gives such signals before heart attack, know how much the heart rate increases


Heart Health: Does the speed of your heartbeat tell how much risk your heart has of a heart attack? Let us tell you what changes come in the heartbeat when a heart attack occurs.

Heart Health: Every heartbeat does not become fast or slow only with emotions. Rather, if the health of the heart fluctuates a little, then the speed of the heartbeat also changes. But what kind of changes are these? Does the heart rate i.e. the speed of the heartbeat increase before a heart attack? Or, the speed of the heartbeat decreases a lot. Everyone has their own opinion about this. But there is always confusion about what is right. We tell you how the heart rate is affected during a heart attack.

What happens when a heart attack occurs? Heart Rate During Heart Attack

Changes in heart rate

Before knowing the changes in heart rate, once again understand what heart rate is. Understand it in very simple language that the number of times your heart beats in a minute is considered as the heart rate of that heart. Which is generally 72 in a minute, then it is considered normal. This heart rate is also affected when a heart attack occurs. Many times the reason for heart attack is also the high speed of the heartbeat.

Does increased heart rate mean heart attack?

Often people are confused that if the heart rate increases, that is, if the heart starts beating very fast, then it can be a sign of a heart attack. However, this cannot be denied outright. But it cannot be said with absolute accuracy either. The American Heart Association and the CDC have confirmed in a report that only a fast heart rate cannot be considered a sign of a heart attack. Doctors also believe that only a fast heart rate or a low heart rate is not a sign that a person can have a heart attack.

If there is a difference in the heart rate along with many other symptoms, then you should definitely contact a doctor. Or, if there is a difference in the heart rate repeatedly, then you should get it checked by a doctor without wasting much time. Because this fact cannot be completely ruled out. If there is any slight variation in the working of the heart, it is most important to get treatment without delay.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. You must consult the concerned expert before implementing any suggestion.

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