Healthy Tea: Drinking this healthy tea gives relief from high bile disorders and migraines...


Whenever tea is mentioned, the first thing that comes to our mind is masala tea with milk, leaves, ginger, and cardamom. Many people even start their day with this tea and keep looking for excuses to drink tea throughout the day. Drinking tea has become a culture in our country. Most people drink tea right after waking up in the morning. Health experts say that if you drink tea after boiling it for a long time, it is harmful to health, but if the tea is prepared in a healthy way then it provides many benefits.


Today we are going to give information about one such tea to our readers. You can start your day with this tea or drink it at any time of the day. This tea is very good for your health by removing headaches, acidity, and many other problems. In today's time, headaches or stomach-related problems are very common, in such cases consumption of this tea is beneficial.

Follow these tips to make tea healthy
Low sugar tea

We all know that some people do not like tea without sugar, so consume as little sugar as possible. Health experts say that if you drink tea without sugar then it will be more healthy. You can use jaggery instead of sugar in tea.

Do not boil too much
Overboiling tea is harmful. This may cause acidity problems. Add honey or sugar to the tea only after it boils.

Take good-quality leaves
Whenever you buy tea leaves, keep in mind that the quality of the tea leaves is good. Doing this will not only be better for taste but will also prove beneficial for health.

Add less milk
Nowadays, we get milk from various dairies which are packed in packets, this is what is used in most of the houses. The taste of this milk tea is somewhat less but if you prepare and drink tea made from buffalo or cow's milk then it is more beneficial. Buffalo and cow milk is natural, no chemical substance is added to it.

Use these spices in tea
You can use spices to enhance the healthy properties of tea. Whenever you boil tea, add cloves, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, basil, or saffron. These make your tea more healthy.


One should not drink tea on an empty stomach
Health experts say that tea on an empty stomach can prove to be very harmful to your body. You should drink tea only after eating something in the morning.

You should drink basil tea
The caffeine present in tea is acidic and works to disturb our sleep. If you want to avoid caffeine then you can consume basil tea.
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