Healthy Juice: Cherry juice reduces uric acid, know how to make it...


How to Make Cherry Juice: If you are concerned about your health, then you can include cherry juice in your daily diet. People of all ages can consume cherry juice. If you have never made cherry juice, then with the help of our mentioned method, you can prepare it very easily. Cherry juice is prepared in minutes.


Ingredients for making Cherry Juice
Red Cherry – 15-20
Watermelon chopped - 3 cups
Plum - 4-5
Ice cubes - 4-5

Cherry Juice Recipe
To make cherry juice, first, take red-colored cherry and cut it into pieces after removing its seeds. After this, take a watermelon and take out its seeds and cut it into small pieces as well. Now heat water in a vessel. After the water becomes hot, put plums in it and boil them for 2 minutes. After this, turn off the gas and take out the plums from the hot water, and put them in cold water for 1 minute. After this, take off the upper peel of the plum.


Now cut the aloo bukhara and separate its stones. After this, put chopped cherries, pieces of watermelon, and potato bukhara in the mixer jar and blend them well for one to two minutes. Blend the ingredients until a smooth puree is prepared. Now put the prepared juice in a vessel. If some seeds of watermelon are left in the juice, then remove them. Now pour the juice in a serving glass and serve it cold by adding 2 ice cubes on top.

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