Healthy Breakfast For Kids: Give these things in breakfast to keep children healthy in the changing season...


Healthy Breakfast for Kids: The risk of getting sick increases in the changing season. Especially, people fall ill more often due to weak immunity. In simple words, people whose immune system is weak. They are more likely to get sick. According to health experts, the immunity of children is weak. Children fall ill very soon due to the change of weather. For this, doctors recommend giving immunity boosters to children. If you also want to keep your child healthy in the changing season, then definitely give them these things in breakfast. Let's know-


Give egg bhurji
Kids love to eat eggs. For this, you can give egg bhurji to the child for breakfast. Protein is found in abundance in eggs. Apart from this, essential nutrients vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and iron are found in eggs, which help boost immunity. Also, protein transmits energy to the body.

Give idli
You can give idli to your child for breakfast. It is very light food. Also, it is very easy to make. It contains very less amount of calories. On the other hand, the stomach remains full for a long time due to the consumption of idli. Idli contains fiber, protein, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and minerals. These essential nutrients are beneficial for health.

Give peanut poha
Iron, vitamins, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates are found in abundance in it. Due to the presence of dietary fiber, consumption of Poha keeps the stomach full for a long time. Also, the digestive system becomes strong. It is prepared by mixing many types of vegetables including peanuts. For this, poha is also helpful in strengthening the immune system.


Give cheela
To strengthen the immunity of the child, give moong dal cheela in breakfast. It contains fiber, copper, folate, vitamin C and riboflavin. All these essential nutrients prove helpful in strengthening the immune system. Apart from this, khichdi and oats can also be given.

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