Health: What happens in the body when uric acid is low, know its correct level


If the level of uric acid increases in the body, then joint pain or other health-related problems start. But have you ever thought that if its level decreases, then what changes and problems we may have to face? There is negativity among the people that only uric acid has to be stopped from increasing while reducing its level is also kind of danger. Uric acid is a chemical produced in our body, which is connected to the important body part kidney.


When it increases, we try tests, medicines or home remedies, but very few know how dangerous it is to decrease. In this article, we are going to tell you what happens when the level of uric acid decreases and what is its correct level.

What is uric acid? What is Uric Acid
Uric acid is an organic compound that needs to be removed from the body. Uric acid, which is made up of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, is filtered by the kidney and it comes out of our body through urine. Apart from uric acid, many chemicals, minerals and waste substances come out of our body through the kidneys. By the way, when the level of uric acid increases and the kidney is not able to take it out, then many problems start happening.

What is the correct level of uric acid?
If the level is above 7 mg per deciliter in men and 6 mg/dl in women, then it is called a condition of high uric acid. When this level is less than 2 mg/dl, then it is called low uric acid.

Disadvantages of low uric acid
According to the reports, cases of low uric acid are very rare, but due to this, serious brain problems like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and ALS, affecting kidney function, and problems like nerve pain begin. Experts say that due to low uric acid, there is a risk of kidney damage.


How to maintain uric acid level
Take a healthy diet to keep uric acid at the level. Do not eat too salty or too sour things. Consumption of green vegetables and fruits can keep us healthy.

Try to drink more and more water as it detoxifies the body. Detoxifying keeps the body healthy and also makes the skin glow.

To keep its level right, do exercise or work out daily. To stay healthy and fit, a routine of physical activity must be adopted. (PC. Social media)

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