Health: Virus spreading from animals to humans increases tension, if such symptoms are seen in the body then be careful..


While the outbreak of Coronavirus is not over yet, a new virus has knocked in some areas of India. Two people have died due to fever in Kozhikode district of Kerala. The cause of death of both is the Nipah virus. This virus spreads to humans through animals. These viruses that spread from animals to humans are also called genetic viruses. In view of the increasing danger of this virus, the Health Department has also warned. Let us know what is this virus and what symptoms are seen in the body…


The health department expressed concern
The Health Department has also declared an alert regarding two deaths due to this virus in Kerala. According to the World Health Organization, the Nipah virus is a zoonotic virus that spreads from animals to humans. Sometimes it also spreads to humans through food and drinks. The first case of this virus occurred in Sungai Nipah village of Malaysia in 1999, hence it is called the Nipah virus.

How does the Nipah virus spread?
Animals are considered to be the main source of the spread of this virus. According to experts, this virus spreads from bats to humans, apart from this the virus also spreads from pigs, dogs, cats, horses, and sheep. Apart from this, if a person gets infected with the Nipah virus, then the other person who comes in contact with him can also get infected with the Nipah virus.

It features
After the spread of this virus, many types of problems increase in the body like swelling in the brain, and dangerous diseases like encephalitis can also be caused by the Nipah virus. If we talk about symptoms

respiratory distress
severe vomiting
stomach pain
Apart from this, if a person's condition worsens due to this virus, he can also go into a coma. Symptoms of this virus appear in 5-14 days but in some cases, symptoms appear even after 45 days.


How to protect?
There is currently no treatment, medicine, or vaccine for the Nipah virus. You can protect yourself from this by taking precautions. Apart from this, you can also avoid getting infected with this virus by taking some precautions.

Avoid contact with bats and pigs.
Do not consume fruits that have fallen from the ground or directly from the tree.
keep a mask on
Keep washing your hands from time to time.
If any symptoms appear in the body, contact the doctor immediately.

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