Health: To avoid the heat, keep the AC on 16 throughout the day. So you will not be able to avoid this physical harm..


These days it is scorching hot in India. At such a temperature, the demand for air conditioners has increased a lot in the market. People like to stay in the office all the time whether in the day or in the evening. In such heat not even a minute remains without AC. But for your information, let us tell you that excessive use of AC in this scorching heat can prove to be very dangerous for your health. Due to AC, there is relief from the hot and stinging heat. But if you spend your time in regular AC, then your health can be very bad. Let us know what are its disadvantages.


Staying in AC for a long time causes dry skin and eyes
Due to being in the air condition for a long time, the skin and lips become dry. Along with this, the mouth also starts drying. Because of this irritation starts to arise. That's why don't always sit in AC, definitely go out in between and sit.

Keep drinking water otherwise, you can become a victim of dehydration
Due to sitting in AC for a long time, the moisture present in the skin starts disappearing gradually. Due to this, you do not feel thirsty and after a time you may complain of dehydration. That's why despite being in AC, keep drinking water in between.

Keep the ac temperature low
If you stay in AC for a long time, then keep the temperature low, otherwise you may have to face problems like headaches.


Take special care of these things living in AC day and night
People who always stay in AC day and night. Also, do not live without AC in your car and room. They are more tired than other people. If they have to stay outside even for a while, they will have to face a lot of problems. (PC. Social media)

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