Health Tips: Excessive consumption of salt can be fatal for health, know its harms..


Our life is incomplete without salt. Without salt, the taste of food remains incomplete. You must be very well aware of this. But you need to understand that consuming it only in the right quantity is beneficial for the body. From pizza, burgers, French fries, and samosas to soups, all our comfort foods are high in salt. If you have a habit of adding too much salt to your food, then this habit can create problems for you. Consuming it in excess can cause many diseases in the body. Over time a diet high in salt can quietly damage many of our organs and body functions. Today we are going to tell you what are the disadvantages of eating more salt than required.


Risk of skin disease
If you consume more salt than required today, there is a risk of skin disease. According to some reports, excessive salt consumption can cause skin problems like irritation, rashes, itching, rashes etc. Therefore, try not to eat more than 5 grams of salt in the whole day.

Flatulence problem
Consuming too much salt can cause flatulence. Because excessive consumption of salt leads to the accumulation of excess water in the body. Due to this the problem of flatulence or tight stomach can occur. Eating too much salt can be very harmful to the stomach.

Bone weakness
Consuming excessive salt can also weaken your bones. Actually, due to sodium, the ability to absorb calcium in the body is lost, due to which the bones start becoming weak, which can later lead to osteoporosis.

If you consume too much salt before sleeping at night, it can also affect your sleep. Because of this, you may have to wake up several times at night and feel tired the next day.


Kidney problem
Consuming excessive salt can cause kidney problems. Therefore do not consume too much salt. Actually, eating too much salt causes excessive water loss from the body, which can affect your kidneys. Consuming too much salt increases the risk of kidney stones. When you eat too much salt, it causes the calcium present in the body to be released from the bones, which then comes out of the body through urine. It also starts accumulating in your kidneys, which can cause stones.

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