Health Tips: Vitamin D reduces dementia, research done on the elderly, shocking results came to the fore


Health News: Dementia is a disease that occurs with increasing age. Big information has come out in research about dementia, in which it has been found that taking Vitamin D can help in preventing Dementia (Symptoms Of Dementia). Research has revealed that older people who took a vitamin D supplement were 40% less likely to develop the disease over 10 years than those who did not take any additional vitamin D.


Researcher Jahinur Ismail, MD, of the University of Calgary and the University of Exeter, said that vitamin D has some effect on the brain that may affect reducing dementia, reports Web MD. Overall, research so far has revealed that vitamin D supplements can be beneficial in reducing dementia. The onset of dementia symptoms was also compared based on whether people took vitamin D supplements or not.

More beneficial for women
In this study on dementia, US A total of 12,388 people were selected who did not have dementia. The average age of the people selected was 71 years. 75% of the people in the study who did not take vitamin D developed dementia within 10 years. The researchers found that vitamin D provided greater protective benefits among women than among men.


Let us tell you that more than 50 million people worldwide have dementia. This number is likely to triple by 2050. ₹ Dementia is a reduced ability to remember, think or make decisions that affect everyday activities. It mostly affects older people but is not considered a normal part of ageing.

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