Health Tips: Troubled by heavy bleeding during periods, these home remedies will provide relief...


Periods are a natural and natural process occurring in a woman. Many women and girls bleed so much during their periods that they have to change pads and clothes several times a day. However, in some girls, the reason for heavy bleeding is also a change in hormones for some time. Such a situation should not be ignored at all. Ignoring the problem of heavy bleeding can lead to anaemia, mood swings, fatigue, and stress. To get rid of this, today we are going to tell you about some such measures which will give relief in heavy bleeding during periods. Let us know about these measures…


Many women and girls bleed heavily during their periods. If there is such a problem, roast acacia gum in ghee and grind it, now add an equal weight of real gold and ochre, mix it and filter it three times and fill it in a vial. Taking 1-1 teaspoon powder with fresh water in the morning and evening during periods stops excessive bleeding.

Turmeric milk
Turmeric is a pain-relieving herb. To reduce the pain during heavy periods, you should consume turmeric milk. Drink turmeric milk daily for a week. You should consume turmeric milk at night. At the same time, you can eat turmeric in food, but by taking a mixture of turmeric and milk, the problem of heavy periods also goes away and pain is also relieved. Apart from turmeric, you can also add cinnamon to milk. Cinnamon also helps in getting rid of the problem of cramps during periods.

Coriander seeds
Coriander seeds can be used if there is excessive bleeding during periods. They play a key role in balancing hormones. Soak coriander seeds in two cups of water. Keep it to a boil. When the water becomes half, take it off. Mixing a small amount of honey in it and drinking it will provide relief. Do this 2 to three times a day.


Carrot and Ginger
If there is a problem with heavy flow, then crush ginger and add honey to it. Eating this mixture gives relief. Also, eat carrots during periods. In case of heavy flow, drinking carrot juice mixed with ginger juice provides relief in pain and flow.

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