Health Tips: This fruit is available only for two months in winter, rich in vitamins and minerals, effective in heart and sugar...


In the snowy winters, water chestnuts are seen in abundance in the markets of Bharatpur. A large number of fruits with unique shapes are visible in the shops and carts of the fruit and vegetable market, in which water chestnut is the leader. This Annadata is being liked a lot in the winter season and is being discussed in the market. Let us tell you that water chestnut is produced in maximum quantity in the water of Badh Baritha, the famous dam of Bharatpur, due to which its cultivation is increasing. This fruit is also known for its health benefits and is being consumed extensively among people. Due to this, local farmers are getting good profits and urban people are getting the opportunity to enjoy healthy and tasty fruits.


These strange-shaped fruit fields are also strange, which are situated on land filled with three to five feet of water. In these fields, apart from Dam Baritha, water chestnut is also cultivated in waterlogged land, which is called the Dahar area. Farmers work hard since early morning to prepare these waterlogged fields. To prepare the fields, they use nylon rope to make a net-like structure filled with water, which is called Kharia. After this, they are brought to sell in net markets.

Water chestnut is used in many ways, it is eaten as a raw fruit and after being ripe, pickle is also made from it. After it is ripe, it is dried, and peeled, and water chestnut kernels are ground into flour and used in making halwa, pakoda, puri, and various other preparations.


According to Dr. Ram Kumar Gupta, water chestnut is very beneficial for the body and is also known as a panacea. Eating water chestnut fulfills the deficiency of minerals in the body because it contains many minerals. It contains a lot of potassium, which is suitable for the body. Water chestnuts are also a good source of Vitamin C and are low in calories, which helps in controlling weight. Its consumption can help in reducing obesity. Apart from this, water chestnut is also beneficial for blood pressure, sugar, and heart diseases.
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