Health Tips: These people should not eat apples... there may be pollen allergy, know its symptoms


Pollen Allergy: Apple is said to be beneficial for health. There is also a saying about this that eating an apple daily keeps the doctor away because by consuming it the body remains healthy and many diseases stay away from the body. Eating apple improves heart health and eating it also keeps diseases like asthma and cancer at bay. Its nutritious elements provide great benefits to the body, but along with the benefits of apples, there are also some disadvantages to eating apples. Although the consumption of apples is good for health, consumption of apples in excess or under certain circumstances can cause allergies. Let us know what kind of allergy (pollen allergy) can be caused by eating apples


Consumption of apples can cause pollen allergy
Some people are allergic to fruits and some people get sick just by coming in contact with the pollen of fruits. This is called pollen allergy ie pollen allergy. This allergy bothers people due to excessive consumption of apples. The main cause of pollen allergy is the pollen of certain fruits, on coming in contact with which a person becomes ill. Apple is also one of these fruits. Mouth and face swell in pollen allergy. There are many symptoms of this, which start appearing on the body after one or two hours of excessive consumption of apples.

Symptoms of Pollen Allergy
Hay fever occurs in pollen allergy. This fever is caused by some kind of allergy and water starts flowing from the eyes and nose and itching starts in the nose and eyes. Apart from this, other symptoms are as follows. Along with the inner part of the mouth, along with the lips, there is swelling in the tongue and throat. There is difficulty in swallowing something. Along with this, the face also swells. Difficulty in breathing and exhaling is also a symptom. Problems of stomach pain, indigestion, cramps, diarrhoea etc. start. Along with the face, itching starts in other parts of the body and rashes can come out. In such a situation, the person also starts complaining of dizziness. Along with this, if the allergy is more affected, the blood pressure decreases and the patient may faint. (PC. Social media)

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