Health Tips: These people should not drink Mango Shake, its disadvantages are shocking


No matter how much sweating, prickling or irritation in summer bothers them, but many people still wait for the weather. The reason for this is the sweet mangoes which are eaten in summer. There will hardly be anyone who does not have a common favourite. Memories are associated with mangoes in every season and people laugh remembering them. By the way, mango is a favourite fruit of children than adults and the reason for this is its taste.


By the way, its juice seems tastier than that of mango. From children to adults, everyone drinks mango juice with passion. But do you know that some people should keep their distance from Mango Shake? Let us tell you.

Dr Jugal Kishore of Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, says that patients with pre-diabetic or diabetes should avoid consuming mango shakes. Dr. Jugal says that it contains natural sugar and you cause serious harm to health by mixing refined sugar in it. Let us tell you which people should not consume shakes made of mango and milk.

Pre diabetic. People who are at increased risk of diabetes should be careful while eating mango or sweet things. Avoid drinking mango shakes available in the market because many sugary things are mixed here to make it tasty. Apart from this, excessive consumption of mango shakes can cause harm.

Dr Shah says that people who have sugar can drink mango shakes but in a moderate way. Due to the sugar and milk in Mango Shake, calories become high and drinking more of it can worsen the level of sugar.

According to experts, we should drink fresh mango or fresh juice. Nutrients present in it such as Vitamin C, E, A, K and fibre are available in the right quantity by cutting and eating mango. But when you make it shake or pickle, it can also cause harm. Excess consumption of Mango shakes can make you a victim of obesity.


During upset stomach
If someone has an upset stomach, then he should cut the mango and eat it, but this also the limit should be kept in mind. In this condition, the problem may get worse. (PC. Social media)

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