Health Tips: Should diabetic patients not eat custard apple? Know what experts say


Custard apple fear and facts: Custard apple is a very popular fruit which is very much like in India. Its taste is different from other fruits and the way of eating it is also different. In many places in India, it is called Sitaphal Bho. There are many beneficial elements present in custard apples, and fiber is found in abundance in it. Iron and copper present in custard apples prove to help remove anaemia in the body.


Along with reducing blood pressure, the consumption of custard apples is also very beneficial for diabetes patients. In Indian Ayurveda, custard apple is used in the treatment of many diseases. Nutrients like vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and potassium are found in custard apples. All the elements present in pineapple and banana are also found in custard apple. However, due to lack of information, some people recommend not to use custard apple in many things. Some people believe that eating custard apple harms the body. To clear these misconceptions, celebrity nutritionist Rajuta Diwekar has written a post on Instagram. In this post, he has given the real facts about Sharifa.

Can custard apple increase sugar?
It is often in people's mind that if custard apple is sweet, then there will be more sugar in it, that's why custard apple should not be eaten in diabetes. Rujuta Diwekar says, custard apple is beneficial in diabetes. Its glycemic index is very low. The glycemic index is used to determine how much a substance increases the amount of blood sugar in the blood. Since custard apple has a very low glycemic index, it is recommended for diabetic patients to consume custard apple. He told that custard apple is an excellent source of vitamin B. Especially B6 is found in it. Even in indigestion, consumption of custard apple is beneficial. That's why it is wrong to say that there is more fat in it.


How good is custard apple for heart patients
Rujuta Diwekar told on Instagram that high level of nutrients are found in custard apple. Minerals like manganese and vitamin C are found in it, which acts like anti-aging on the heart and circulatory system. He said that some people believe that a woman who is suffering from PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) should not eat custard apple while the fact is that custard apple is rich in iron which fights fatigue and helps to remove irritability. can help. Apart from this, it can prove to help remove infertility.

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