Health Tips: Millet can control diabetes and increasing weight, know its benefits

Millet can control diabetes and increasing weight, know its benefits

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Millet can control diabetes and increasing weight, know its benefits

Millet, included in coarse grains, has been a part of the Indian diet. It is not only a high fiber source, but also a source of important minerals and vitamins. The special thing is that it can also be included in your diabetes diet.

Often you must have read or heard the term 'Balanced Diet'. Balanced diet means that all types of nutrients are present in the diet. To get all types of nutrients, we should eat all types of grains. But many types of grains are already present in the Indian kitchen. Among these, millet is also one such grain, which contains many types of nutrients, which nourish the body.

Know why millet is so special - The scientific name of millet is 'Pearl Millet'. Millet is a major crop used for food. There are many types of nutrients in millet, which help in keeping the body healthy. It contains a good amount of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Millet is eaten in many ways to get the nutrients present in the millet.


A treasure trove of vitamins and minerals – Millet is a nutritionally rich grain that contains a good amount of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It helps you stay healthy by providing various nutritional elements. Also, millets are high in carbohydrates, which provide you with energy and power for day-to-day activities. Millets also contain a good amount of fiber, which helps control post-meal sugar levels, Which leads to diabetes control. Also, millet has a good amount of potassium and magnesium, which helps in improving heart health.

Bajra roti is the best option - 'Bajra ki roti' is a great option to include millet in the diet. The method of making Bajra roti is very easy. Bajra roti is also prepared in the same way as you make wheat roti. To make this, knead the millet flour in a utensil and cook it well on the vine and your millet bread will be ready like this.

Bajra Roti

Can also be used in biscuits and cookies - To include millet in your diet in a modern way, you can also make millet biscuits. To make it, knead millet flour mixed with ghee or oil and then add sugar and other things of your choice to it, roll it and roll it in the shape of a biscuit. After that microwave it and after some time take it out and keep it to cool. After this your biscuit is ready. Eat bajra biscuits with tea.

Bajra recipes

Don't eat millet if you have allergies - Because of millet being tasty and nutritious, many people consume it in excess, due to which many problems can occur. Consuming too much millet can cause difficulty in the digestion process, which can lead to problems like gas, abdominal distension, vomiting or abdominal pain. Also, some people may have itching or skin allergy from millet or foods made from it. Also, there is a possibility of excess calcium in millet, which can also lead to kidney related problems or calcium related problems.

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