Health Tips: If you are feeling these 4 problems in the body, then understand that you are eating more salt than necessary.


Health Risk Of Eating Too Much Salt: Salt does the work of adding flavour to any spicy and spicy dish. Salt is used in most of the food eaten on a daily basis. Salt is such an ingredient, eating less of which is harmful as well as eating more. If you eat less salt, there may be sodium deficiency in the body, due to which muscle pain or cramps, fatigue, restlessness, headache, irritability and forgetfulness can arise. But if you eat more salt than required, then you will see many disadvantages of it too. Eating too much salt has many bad effects on the body. You can also be a victim of many serious diseases. According to Britain's National Health Service, adults should not consume more than 6 grams of salt i.e. more than one teaspoon of salt in a day. Because by eating more than this, your body may have to face many big losses. Excess salt can affect the natural sodium balance in your body. You may have a disease of high blood pressure, which causes air-related diseases related to the heart.


Some symptoms are also seen in the body of eating too much salt. If you are consuming more salt than you need on a daily basis, then you can feel these symptoms in your body: –

1. Headache: Eating too much salt can cause dehydration, which causes severe headaches. According to health experts, this headache can be mild as well as severe. If you feel a headache during 1-2 hours after eating food, it means that the level of sodium in your body has increased due to eating more salt.

2. Swelling in the hands and feet: Swelling in the fingers and ankles of the hands and feet can occur due to increased sodium levels, which is also known as oedema. The problem of swelling can increase during sitting for too long or during long journeys. If you are constantly experiencing this problem, consult a doctor immediately.

3. High blood pressure: Eating too much salt can also increase blood pressure. If you feel a problem in the body within or after 30 minutes of eating food, then understand that it has affected blood pressure or blood vessels. If high blood pressure is left without treatment, then the problem can increase further. This can lead to the risk of heart attack and stroke.
If after eating any salty thing, you feel the symptoms like blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest pain, and bleeding from the nose, then understand that the blood pressure has increased.


4. Frequent urination: Eating more salt or more salty things can increase thirst. To quench your thirst, you will drink excessive water, due to which you will urinate frequently.

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