Health Tips: Do you also have the habit of staying awake at night, then know these serious disadvantages caused by it...


Health Tips: Often you must have heard people saying that I am a night owl, that is, those people who like to stay awake at night to work or watch movies, etc. Nowadays most people especially youngsters stay awake at night. Many times, due to office work, people stay awake at night and try to complete it. In such a situation, people are not able to get enough sleep, which affects their health.


Such carelessness regarding health gives rise to many diseases. To stay healthy, one should sleep for at least 7-8 hours. People who sleep less have to face problems like obesity, irritability, headaches, etc. If you also make this mistake, then let us tell you how much you are playing with your health.

Lifespan is less
Not getting enough sleep reduces lifespan. According to research conducted in South Korea for 16 years, people who liked to stay awake longer at night had to lose their lives at an early age. This research was conducted among people aged 40 to 69.

Affects the brain
People who stay awake for a long time at night have to face problems with memory loss, decision making, etc. Mood swings can also be seen in people who sleep late.

Gaining weight
It has been seen many times that people who sleep less at night are more likely to gain weight. Such people gain weight quickly because one of the reasons for weight gain is hormonal imbalance, which worsens their health.


Immunity decreases
People who do not get enough sleep at night have low immunity, due to which they fall ill quickly. Therefore, get enough sleep at night so that the body remains healthy.

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