Health Tips: A cure for many problems of women... Just do this asana for 5 minutes daily!


Mandukasana Benefits: A woman has to go through many phases in her life. Yogasanas help her to balance her life and face challenges. One such asana is Mandukasana... which benefits overall health. Come let's know from the experts what are the benefits of Mandukasana to women (Mandukasana Benefits)...


Benefits of frog pose
Health and wellness coach Mehak Khanna has shared a video of a live yoga class on his social media account. In this, he has also given tips to cure the medical condition and diet plan. He says that 'when doing Mandukasana, the whole body looks like a frog, hence it is also called Frog Pose. By doing this asana, there is pressure near the pelvis and navel. This improves the reproductive health of women.
Benefits of Mandukasana
improves reproductive health
Problems related to periods go away
Loses belly and hip fat
flexibility in the hips
back pain relief
Increases the amount of insulin in the body
Improves the function of the pancreas
The blood sugar level is controlled
blood circulation is better
relieves stress
improve digestion
Get rid of stomach gas problem
Waist, hips and knees become stronger
weight control
heart heals
good mental health
the body detoxes
How to do mandukasana
Before doing this easy, sit comfortably on the mat.
Relax the body and take a deep breath.
Lie down on your stomach with your feet towards the wall.
Bend the hands from the elbows and keep them on the mat.
Bend the legs from the knees and open them on both sides.
Take a long breath inward.
While exhaling, move the body forward with the help of the feet.
Going backwards, try to touch the feet with the hips.
Breathe in and out for a while in this pose.
When you come out of the pose, exhale long.
Repeat this process at least 3-5 times. (PC. Social media)

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