Health: These breads have a cooling effect, try eating them...keeps the heart and mind active in summer


Roti Benefits: Winters are almost gone. Summer has knocked. People are using fans to beat the heat. They also like to consume those drinks, which bring coolness to the stomach. This does not cause acidity problems. At the same time, the brain also remains refreshed. At the same time, there are some flours which have a cooling effect. Their use in summer benefits the stomach. At the same time, being rich in nutrients, it also helps in keeping the heart and mind active. Bread made of gin flour can be used as food in summer. Let's try to know its merits


Wheat flour
Wheat flour is the prevalent flour. Rotis made of wheat flour are consumed in most Indian homes. But people do not include it in their diet just like that. It also has many advantages. The effect of wheat is cool. Its consumption is beneficial in summer. Being high in fibre, it also works to improve the digestive system. It also acts as a blood purifier.

Chickpea flour
Many people also eat bread made of gram flour. But not many are aware of its advantages. The effect of gram flour is also cool. For this reason, it benefits the digestive system. Being high in protein, it strengthens the muscles and also works to control weight.

Barley flour
Barley flour also works to keep the body cool. Its effect is very cold. It also cures stomach problems. Fibre, protein and other nutrients are found in it. Muscles are strengthened by their use. The energy level is also fine.


Sorghum flour
Jowar flour also has a cooling effect. It calms the heat of the stomach. Pitta and phlegm are also good for this. All nutritious elements like protein, vitamin B complex, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron are found in jowar flour. Eating roti made of jowar flour regularly keeps the weight under control, as well as weakness also ends.

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