Health: Sushmita Sen got massive heart attack despite being fit, know the difference between mild and massive attack


Heart Attack: Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is known for her fitness. But recently he had a heart attack. On Thursday, the actress herself informed on her Instagram account that she had suffered a major heart attack. Whether heart attack has also become normal amidst the changing lifestyle. Sushmita Sen had a massive heart attack, how different it is from a mild heart attack and which is more dangerous among the two? Let's know what the health expert has to say.


Major heart attack
The work of the arteries of our body is to deliver blood to the different muscles of the heart. When there is an obstruction in the blood flow in the arteries due to any reason, then blood is not available to pump those muscles of the heart. Because of this, the muscles start getting damaged. In such a situation, the arteries can also be completely blocked. This condition is called Major Heart Attack. In this, the life of the patient can also be lost. According to health experts, if the heart pumping rate is above 45 per cent, then it is considered a mild heart attack. Whereas, if it is less than 45% then there is a major heart attack.

Mild heart attack
Mild heart attack, which we also know as minor heart attack, is called non-st elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) in the medical term. In this, a small blockage can be caused in any one of the coronary arteries of the heart. Because of this, the effect of blood in the heart is less and the heart can be damaged. This can disrupt blood pumping throughout the body. In a mild attack, only a small part of the heart is affected, which does not cause permanent damage to the heart. Although a heart attack can be small or very serious.


Why does heart attack happen
alcohol abuse
growing old
kidney problems
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
Saturated and trans fat diet

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