Health Risk: Energy drinks are increasing the risk of obesity and heart diseases, you can also be a victim of heart attack


Do you also drink energy drinks to give energy to the body? If yes, then this news is for you. These drinks, which claim to increase the energy level in the body rapidly, can actually cause serious damage to health. In some cases, so serious that it can even take your life.

The team of researchers studying to know how energy drinks affect the body has made a big claim. Research shows that drinking energy drinks can cause the risk of life-threatening conditions in people with genetic heart disease.


Not only this, if you often consume this type of drink, then you can also be a victim of serious diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes.

Energy drinks are dangerous for heart health
In a study published in the journal Heart Rhythm, scientists have described energy drinks as dangerous for heart health. It contains more sugar than cold drinks and more caffeine than coffee, which can have a negative effect on overall health in many ways.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic studied a group of 144 people who survived sudden heart attacks, some of whom were already suffering from genetic heart disease. Of these, 7 people (about 5%) had consumed energy drinks before the heart attack. The conclusion was that energy drinks had increased the risks.

What do the researchers say?

Dr. Michael J. Ackerman, a genetic cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic and lead author of the study, says, although this sample size is small, evidence suggests that energy drinks increase the risk of heart disease and its risk factors. These findings suggest that it is necessary to stop the unregulated market of energy-enhancing food and beverages and their widespread consumption. This can become a cause of concern for public health.

Energy drinks also increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, which can directly increase the risk of heart diseases.

There may be an increase in the difference in heart rate


Health experts said that the effect of energy drinks has also been seen on heart rate. Such food and beverages can cause an increase or decrease in heart rate.

The findings of the study show that energy drinks do not directly increase the risk of fatal health conditions, but it can definitely create such conditions due to which the risk of problems like heart attack and heart failure increases.

Stay away from sweet beverages


Researchers say that the speed at which obesity cases are increasing globally is a matter of serious concern. Energy drinks increase the risk even more. People are becoming obese even at a young age. Energy drinks and other such beverages which have high sugar content can increase the risk of many types of health problems. To keep the body healthy and fit as well as to avoid the risk of serious heart diseases, consumption of such beverages should be avoided.

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