Health: One mistake can lead to piles and fissure, it is difficult to get up and sit, change your lifestyle, otherwise you will regret


Constipation Complications: Constipation is a very common problem and many people suffer from this problem. People struggling with the problem of constipation will be easily found in our house or even nearby. Usually, constipation is not considered a disease and that is why people are negligent about this problem. However, if there is a problem of chronic constipation for a long time, then it can prove to be very harmful to health. Chronic constipation can cause many serious problems, which become extremely difficult to get rid of later.


Everyone must have struggled with the problem of constipation at one time or the other. Many times this problem can be seen after eating heavy food. This is nothing to worry about, but if constipation persists in the body, then it is necessary to worry. A small mistake of not removing constipation can lead to major diseases. According to the report of Myoclinic, if constipation becomes chronic then it can cause serious problems like haemorrhoids, and fissures.

Long constipation causes piles, fissures
Taking the problem of constipation lightly can be very heavy. If not taken care of, it turns into chronic constipation and it can lead to many serious diseases. Piles and fissures are also included in the diseases caused by constipation. These diseases become very painful and due to this it can become difficult for the patient to get up and sit.

Piles (Hemorrhoids) – Due to constipation, bowel movement is not done properly and due to this a lot of effort has to be made to get fresh. In such a situation, there can be swelling in the veins around the anus and it becomes the cause of piles. In this disease, the patient has to go through unbearable pain.


Fissure – Fissure is one of the diseases caused by prolonged constipation. Like piles, the fissure is also a very painful disease. In this disease, the place of the anus bursts and it causes a lot of pain while getting fresh. In such a situation, the pain persists for a long time and it becomes difficult for the patient to get up and sit.

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