Health News: Take special care of these things related to the newborn immediately after delivery, the lifespan of your child will increase...


Normally we see that the umbilical cord is cut immediately after the child is born. A new study has found that if the umbilical cord of premature babies is cut after two minutes or more, their risk of death is reduced by more than half.


In two studies recently published in the Lancet, more than a hundred international researchers have come to this conclusion after clinically examining the data of nine thousand premature babies. The study found that late cutting of the umbilical cord increases blood circulation in the baby's body and the baby's lungs get filled with air. It makes the respiratory process easier in the newborn.

Dr. Anna Lane Sadler of the NHMRC Clinical Trial Center of the University of Sydney in Australia said that every year 13 million children in the world are born prematurely and unfortunately, 1 million of them die shortly after birth.


Dr. Anna said that if the umbilical cord is cut late, the risk of their death is comparatively reduced. If the umbilical cord of a premature baby is cut 30 seconds after birth, the risk of death is reduced by one-third compared to babies whose umbilical cord is cut immediately after birth.

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