Health: Never eat these 5 things with bitter gourd, many diseases can affect the body


Bitter gourd may be on the hate list of most people, but by eating it you can get many tremendous benefits. However, you must know that with which things bitter gourd should not be eaten.

Bitter gourd contains essential nutrients like iron, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and zinc. This vegetable is no less than a medicine for a diabetic patient. Bitter gourd is not only helpful in weight loss but is also known to reduce the level of bad cholesterol.


There are countless benefits of eating bitter gourd. However, despite this, mixing it with the wrong things and eating it can cause many diseases in the body. Let us know which things you should not eat with bitter gourd even by mistake.

You should not drink milk after eating bitter gourd vegetables or drinking its juice. Because this can cause many problems related to the stomach.

Eating mango with bitter gourd is also playing with health. If you do this, then stop doing this work from today itself. Because it is very harmful to health.

After preparing and eating bitter gourd vegetables or drinking juice, one should avoid eating things made from radish or radish.

If you eat bhindi curry mixed with bitter gourd, never do so. Because it can cause stomach problems.


Both bitter gourd and curd are considered very beneficial for health. However, you should refrain from mixing these two food items together.

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