Health Insurance: Keep these things in mind while buying health insurance..


According to the World Health Organization, more than 7 crore people in India are suffering from diabetes. This figure is expected to increase in a few years. In such a situation, it is very important to take health insurance to cover diabetes.


Why is health insurance important?
Health insurance is very important in today's times. Experts also recommend buying health insurance. It also helps in reducing medical expenses. There is a risk of getting infected with diabetes. In such a situation, health insurance becomes very important to reduce medical expenses in case of frequent illness and admission to the hospital.

You must keep some things in mind before taking health insurance.

You should check the hospital network of the company for which you are thinking of taking health insurance. With this, you will know in which hospital you can avail of the insurance. Actually, a hospital network is a kind of group that will help in making a claim in your health plan.

Co-pay facility
Many times people use a co-pay facility. In this, they have to pay some percentage of the expenses in case of a claim. In this, you do not get much discount on premium. In such a situation, it can empty your pocket.

Medical history
Medical history should never be hidden while taking health insurance. If he hides it, it is possible that the claim may be rejected during the test. In such a situation, you should select the plan according to your needs after discussing your medical history.


Super top-up
You need to be very careful while doing super top-ups. Super top-up is a very good option but before upgrading, you should know the terms and conditions in detail.
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