Health Insurance: What is cashless treatment in health insurance and how is this facility available? Know the complete process here..

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Health insurance is most helpful in financial support in health emergencies. If you do not have health insurance and you fall ill, due to which you have to be admitted to the hospital, then a lot of your money can be wasted. Whereas if you have health insurance, then all these expenses are borne by your insurance company and there is no burden on your pocket. The job of health insurance is to provide financial facilities in case of a medical emergency so that you do not have to get trapped in the trap of debt. Therefore, nowadays cashless feature has become a common thing in all mediclaim policies. Know in this article what is this cashless facility and how can you claim it.


Let us tell you that in health insurance, insurance companies bear the cost of treatment in two ways – cashless and reimbursement. In the coming time, you will now get cashless medical services in every hospital. Soon the entire system of Reimbursement claims is going to end. However, there is no update regarding this yet.

What is a cashless facility? (What is Cashless Facility)
If we understand in simple words, CASHLESS Facility means that when a person taking health insurance falls ill and is admitted to the hospital, then through the card received from the insurance company, he bears the expenses of the hospital. He does not have to pay anything from his own pocket. Due to this facility, insurance companies make payments directly to the hospital after hospitalization. For this, you do not have to arrange money.

How to avail cashless claim facility?
To avail of the cashless claim facility in a health insurance policy, the insured person has to get treatment in a hospital listed by an insurance company.

- The hospital will verify the details provided by the beneficiary and send a pre-authorization form to their insurance company.

- The insurance company will scrutinize the pre-authorization request and inform the hospital about the coverage and other details of the policy.

- If the pre-authorization request is rejected, the cost of treatment will have to be borne, which can be reimbursed later.

- If the pre-authorization request is approved, the treatment will begin, and after discharge from the hospital, the final bill and discharge papers will be sent to the insurance company. They will settle the final amount after deducting payments (if applicable) and expenses.

No cashless in emergency

It is important to know here that in case of an emergency, a cashless facility is not available, for this, you will have to take reimbursement. This is because pre-authorization is required for cashless claims in-network hospitals. But, there is no time to get authorization in an emergency.

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