Health Insurance: AIDS will be covered by health insurance, and mental patients and the disabled will also be able to take insurance...


The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has recently advised insurance companies to implement a new plan related to health insurance soon. Under this, persons with mental health conditions, HIV/AIDS, and the disabled will soon get insurance cover specially designed for them.


Let us tell you that this rule is already mandatory in India that mental and physical diseases should be treated equally. In May 2018, the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 came into force, after which the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) directed insurance companies to comply with the provisions.

Delay due to lateness of insurance companies
IRDAI was preparing to bring insurance coverage for mental illnesses for a long time. For this, about a year ago, the regulator had asked health insurers to add mental illnesses to regular health insurance coverage, but due to the slow pace of insurance companies, it has now been said to be implemented soon.

IRDAI issued a new circular
IRDAI has issued a new circular saying that all registered general and stand-alone health insurance companies must compulsorily launch and introduce their products immediately. Provisions have also been included in the relevant Acts to make such policies available to the people. Apart from this, the insurers have also been instructed to prepare a policy on the suggestions of the board so that all kinds of coverage can be given to such people.


These people will get the facility
Under the rule made mandatory by IRDAI, health insurance policies will now provide insurance coverage to persons with disabilities (PWD), and people suffering from HIV/AIDS and mental illness. IRDAI has asked to bring an insurance product with special cover for this. Keeping the insurer in mind, the scope of the product has been allowed to increase. However, under no circumstances can insurers reduce the coverage of the product. The policy term of the product will be for one year and will be as per the prescribed regulatory framework.

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