Health: If cold and cough have troubled you during pregnancy, then these 5 home remedies will be the solution… Both mother and child will remain healthy...


Cough in Pregnancy: When a woman is pregnant, there are many changes in her body. This is a period when the immune system becomes very weak. There is a risk of spreading the infection. Since cold-cough and colds are quite common in the changing season, this problem can increase more for pregnant women. This is because at this time they avoid taking other medicines. Taking medicine without a doctor's advice can be harmful. Therefore, if there is a cold or cough during pregnancy, then only easy home remedies should be adopted. Let us know some natural ways to get rid of cough and cold.


Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is capable of uprooting the problem of cough. If you are having a cough during pregnancy, you can take honey. This boosts immunity and also prevents the spread of infection. It has been found in many research that honey is more effective than cough medicines.

Gargle with salt water
Salt-water gargling is very useful during a cough. Saltwater is very effective in getting rid of cough during pregnancy. Gargling with salt water reduces allergies and swelling of the throat and provides relief. Gargling two to three times a day provides relief from a cough.

Hot water, soup or tea
Warm water gives relief to the throat. Tulsi, honey and ginger tea is very effective. If it is a cold cough or cold during pregnancy, then hot water, hot soup or hot ginger tea works like a panacea.

Take steam
If you are having a cough during pregnancy, take hot water in a pan and steam it. This will open your nose, and relieve headaches, colds and coughs will also disappear. Do take steam 2 to 3 times a day.

Mulethi is very effective for any problem related to cough and throat. It is being used since ancient times. If there is a problem with the cough, then liquorice can remove it in a pinch. If you are having a cough during pregnancy, then take a piece of liquorice and put it in your mouth and keep sucking. This gives a lot of relief. Apart from this, boiling liquorice in water and then drinking it gives a lot of relief.

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