Health: Flour kept in the fridge is poison! This keeps the risk of constipation to stroke


Most of the families in India eat bread made of wheat flour twice a day. The combination of vegetables and bread gives us nutrition and that is why it is considered the most healthy. Most of these people are such who knead the dough and keep it in the fridge. Not only this, it also happens in shops or hotels, which can prove to be very dangerous for health. Most of the women keep the flour in the fridge for their comfort and then after several hours make bread out of it and feed it to the family.


This will fill the stomach, but do you know that this flour can act as a poison in the stomach? Let us tell you how the mistake of keeping flour in the fridge can prove to be harmful to us.

Why is keeping flour in the fridge dangerous?
Kneading the dough and keeping it in the fridge gives a lot of conveniences, but eating bread made from it can harm your health. Experts say that the flour kneaded in the fridge does not get oxygen. The gas present in the fridge can also harm the flour. Due to keeping it in the cold, even its nutrients are lost. That's why keeping the kneaded flour in the fridge should be avoided.

Disadvantages of eating wheat bread kept in the fridge
If you knead the dough, make bread or other things from it and eat it within a short time. Because of keeping it for a long time, chemical substances start forming in it. Constipation starts by eating bread made of stale flour.

If the flour is stale and you are eating its bread, then its loss can bother you in the form of acidity. Research has come to the fore that people who eat roti in this way often suffer from heartburn.


Experts say that eating food in this way can also cause stroke. That's why even by mistake the flour should not be kept in the fridge for a long time.

In such a situation, the health of our kidneys and liver starts to weaken. Due to the slowing down of metabolism, many problems start in the stomach. (PC. Social media)

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