Health: Exploring the possible side effects of diapers on your baby's skin...


In today's era, the trend of making babies wear diapers has increased a lot. Diapers have been worn from the beginning to the newborn baby. Whereas in earlier times, parents used to make small children wear homemade nappy pads made of cotton cloth. Although they had to be changed again and again. In view of this problem, nowadays the convenience of diapers is adopted. But do you know that this feature of diapers can cause problems for children? You must be careful not to compromise your baby's health in the pursuit of saving yourself the effort and finding easy solutions. Today in this episode we are going to tell you how the side effects of diapers can harm children. Let's know...


Infection can occur
Children's skin is much more sensitive than that of adults. There is a possibility of infection due to the use of diapers for a long time. Actually, there are many types of chemicals in diapers. Along with this, there is also a layer of plastic, which does not allow wetness to be felt, but due to lack of air passage, it can become the cause of infection.

Can cause toxicity
Diapers are made from chemicals and synthetic materials. Keeping the baby in diapers for a long time can harm them. Many people use eight to ten diapers a day. You keep the baby in diapers overnight especially to avoid frequent waking up and bed-wetting. Due to these reasons, the baby's skin is exposed to chemicals for a long time and this can cause damage to the baby's body. This can increase toxicity in the body.


Can become the cause of male infertility
Scientists say that continuous use of diapers can cause male infertility and even testicular cancer. According to the Journal of Pediatrics of America, diapers should generally be changed every 2-3 hours. Do not leave the baby in the diaper for several hours at a time. Change the diaper if it feels wet. If the baby has a potty, the diaper should be changed immediately. The baby should be cleaned every time before wearing a new diaper. According to the study, the problem of children increases when the baby's diaper is changed less often than necessary.

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