Health: Every juice is not healthy, drinking the juice of these fruits means inviting disease.


Do you know that every fruit juice cannot be healthy for the body? Some fruit juices can cause harm instead of benefits. That's why if you drink any juice then you need to show understanding.


Apple juice: You must have heard about keeping the doctor away by eating an apple daily. Now also understand that it will be beneficial only if an apple is eaten. Apple juice can harm the body because of its seeds. Generally, people do not bother to remove the middle while extracting apple juice, so the seeds are crushed and mixed in the juice, the amygdalin chemical found in these seeds can cause a lot of trouble to the body.,

Orange juice: Instead of drinking orange juice, orange can be beneficial for us if it is eaten as a fruit. Actually, after extracting the orange juice, its fibre ends. The remaining fructose in the juice remains at risk of diabetes.

Sugarcane juice: The sweetness of sugarcane juice becomes so much that if it is consumed continuously, the level of sugar in the blood can increase, which can lead to diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Pineapple Sour Sweet Pineapple tastes so delicious, doesn't it? But if it is eaten raw then it will be beneficial and if you are drinking its juice then your body may have to face a lot of trouble. While extracting juice from pineapple, a lot of sugar in its juice goes into the body. Not only this, its fibre contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, if you drink its juice instead of eating its fiber, then only sugar will go into your stomach, and other nutrients will remain in the fibre. That's why instead of drinking its juice, eating it would be better for health.

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