Health: Do not eat these 5 things with tea even by mistake, it can cause cancer


Do you drink tea first thing in the morning? Not only tea but also eat many types of things with it, if yes then now you need to be careful.

We all drink tea every day, but it is necessary to take some precautions while drinking it. For example, drinking tea on an empty stomach should be avoided. This can cause acidity problems.


There is no dearth of people having food with tea. But doing so should be avoided because it can be harmful to health.

Those who smoke cigarettes with tea need to be careful, because it has a very bad effect on the body. There is a risk of cancer due to this.

Not only cigarettes, but there are many such things, whose consumption with tea can cause harm to the body.

People who eat fritters with tea need to be careful. This is because the combination of gram flour and tea directly weakens the digestive system.

Lemon or any drink made from it should not be consumed while drinking tea. Due to this, the problem of acidity can come home.


The combination of tea and onion is also bad. If you eat tea and raw onions together, then your digestion may get spoiled.

People who drink tea should never eat dry fruits with it. Iron present in dry fruits is harmful to the body.

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