Health: Covid and vaccination increased the risk of heart attack? What does this report say?


Coronavirus created panic all over the world. Corona cases are still coming up in many countries. On the other hand, those who have recovered from Corona, are now getting new health-related complaints. In this episode, a scientist living in America has told and disclosed that last year Covid victims faced heart attacks and other problems. In India too, these days the cases of heart attack among the youth have increased rapidly. These figures are frightening. But how much truth is there in this claim of the American scientist? Dr Vishal Rastogi discussed this.


Senior cardio activist Vishal Rastogi said in a conversation with News18 that for many days we are also seeing that youths who exercise or dance are losing their lives. After Corona, it has been seen that the cases of sudden heart attacks have increased. It has been told in this study that symptoms of long covid have been found in many people. Let us tell you that it has been claimed in many vaccines that the risk of heart attack has increased rapidly in people.

Vishal Rastogi said that the point of fear is increasing. Because practically every person has got corona and if we talk about Long's syndrome, it has been told in the American data that the infected have got this syndrome and the problems have increased due to it. It has been told in the study by American scientists that people have suffered heart attacks due to corona and there is nothing new in this. Even though this study has come now. But it has been seen before as well and it is a matter of concern.


The problem of Long Covid is real and it is very important to protect against it, to understand its symptoms. Not that he should be ignored. Along with this, regular checkups should also be done. If any symptom is seen then get it treated and not ignore it. Because if the symptoms are understood at the right time, then this disease can also be treated. The most important thing is that people have to change their lifestyles. You have to eat right.

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