Health: Consume these 3 medicines on the day of Dhanteras, disease will not come throughout the year, consume like this..


Benefits of Trifala churna on Dhanteras: The festival of Dhanteras is not only for getting the blessings of Mother Lakshmi and fulfilling the wishes of wealth but today is the day of Dhanvantari Jayanti i.e. Dhanteras is a day of prayer and worship to remain healthy and fit. On this day, there is a tradition to worship Dhanvantari, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the god of Ayurveda and health. Not only this, according to the scriptures, there are three such divine medicines of Ayurveda, which everyone must consume on this day.


According to the scriptures, consumption of these three medicines on the day of Dhanteras not only purifies the body but also the dishes eaten on festivals including Diwali and cold weather do not have any bad effect on the body and health remains healthy. These are three medicines that everyone generally knows.

Well-known Veda connoisseur and scholar Durgesh Tare of Ujjain says that Lord Dhanvantari has three divine medicines in his hands, Amla, Harad, and Baheda. Triphala is made by mixing these three things. This combination of all three medicines is so effective that if it is consumed, the body develops the ability to fight all diseases. If the eyes are washed with this water then there is no effect of any kind of infection in the eyes.

The stars tell that on the day of Dhanteras, during the churning of the ocean, Lord Dhanvantari, the god of Ayurveda, had incarnated with a Kalash and four arms in his hand. According to the scriptures, he has three medicines in one hand and these are Amla, Baheda, and Harad. These three have special importance in Ayurveda. It is very beneficial to consume them at the beginning of this season.

How to consume
The stars say that on the day of Dhanteras, one must buy Triphala or prepare the powder by drying Amla, Myrobalan, and Baheda, crushing it, grinding it and filtering it in a fine cloth. On the morning of Dhanteras, remember Lord Dhanvantari and take Triphala powder with water. Or in the evening, these three things should be worshipped, melted in water, filtered and drunk. By doing this, the body gets the strength to fight diseases and there is no disease in the body.


At the same time, Professor Mahesh Vyas, Dean of All India Institute of Ayurveda, Delhi, says that Triphala is a chemical, it can be consumed not just for one day but also daily. You can start it from the day of Dhanteras. By doing this the body will be protected from diseases.

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