Health: Can the use of smartwatch be heavy? The watch took a man to the hospital! Know what is the whole matter


Smartwatch Side Effects: Nowadays most people like to use a smartwatch. Because it has many such features, which attract people towards it. It also has a fitness tracker as well as a heart rate monitor feature, which can tell many things related to your health. You might be using it too. You will be surprised to know that doctors have warned about smartwatches and said that smartwatches can cause bad psychological effects on people. This is being said because people have started linking their health with the indication of the smartwatch.


A case related to the side effects of the smartwatch has come to the fore. This case report is of a 27-year-old Swiss-German man. This person did not have any kind of disease before, but still, he had to face stress and nervousness because of the smartwatch. The reason for this is that he started constantly monitoring the electrocardiogram of his smartwatch, due to which he started feeling that he was having pain in his chest.

He started doubting the blood flow in his heart that why its speed is decreasing. Due to this fear, he went to the hospital. Where in the investigation it was found that the electrocardiogram of the smartwatch and the 12 lead electrocardiogram (ECG) are the same. This means that the report of the Smartwatch and ECG was correct, which was telling that the person is completely normal and does not have any kind of heart problem. He was discharged after persuading and assuring him for a long time. The doctors told him that he did not have any disease. Also said that he will not need further treatment.

Keeping an eye on heart health
According to a report published in the journal Medical Case Reports, medics said the university student bought the smartwatch to track his 'heart health' when Danish footballer Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during a match. The student was worried about the footballer's case. So he started monitoring the health of his heart through a smartwatch. He googled how a heart attack would show on the electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor in the smartwatch. ECG is a simple test, which can be used to check your heart rate and electrical activity.


Doctors said that the student appeared very upset in the hospital. Symptoms like anxiety and nervousness were visible in him. Further investigation in the emergency department found that the student's heart rate was normal at 88 beats per minute (bpm) and there was no heart-related problem.

Is it dangerous to use a smartwatch?
Experts have questioned the effectiveness of smartwatches many times before. Some say that it can cause weight gain. A paper published in the year 2016 found that people who wore Fitbit for a year did not see any change in their weight or blood pressure. According to The Lancet report, experts said that despite the feature of trackers, there is little evidence that smartwatches can help improve health.

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