Health Benefits: Pot water is like nectar in summer, health gets these amazing benefits..


As soon as the summer season starts, people start drinking cold water. These days, thirst is quenched only by cold water. But fridge water proves to be very harmful to our health. In such a situation, you should drink pot water which is considered like nectar in summer. When water is kept in the pot, there is contact of energy in it and this energy works to purify. In such a situation, if you want to keep yourself away from diseases, then instead of drinking fridge water, drink cold pot water and quench your thirst. The cold water of the pot removes many problems related to health. Today in this episode we are going to tell you how pot water is beneficial for health.


Boost immune system
Drinking pot water boosts the immune system. On the other hand, keeping and drinking water in plastic utensils makes the water impure. In such a situation, you should drink pot water only. This also increases the level of testosterone in the body.

Avoid heat stroke
People are at risk of getting sick due to heat stroke in summer and keeping water in a pot can be helpful in avoiding it. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc., which protect the body from heat stroke by drinking water from earthen utensils, are beneficial for the body. Apart from this, pot water also has some medicinal properties that cool the body and help in keeping the skin healthy.


Keep throat healthy
Often you must have seen that in summer people drink cold water kept in the refrigerator, which harms the throat. By drinking cold water, the temperature of the cells of the throat suddenly drops, due to which the glands of the throat swell and the throat becomes sore. While drinking pitcher water does not have any bad effect on the throat. (PC. Social media)

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